Project Aware

Our Program


Our Program

Project A.W.A.R.E.: Our primary focus is emotional literacy skills, social development, and problem-solving. 
Learning the connection between the lack of emotional control, violence, and abuse.
Find community-based resources for youths and their families who are facing problems.

Program Services:

  • Workshops with trained supervisors    
  • Guest speakers from the community
  • Videos, pictures, and exercises
  • Pre/Post surveys to measure skill growth
  • Interactive-Role playing & skits
  • Topic and gender-specific workshops available upon request
  • California School District LCAP Considerations:
  • Improve Attendance
  • Decrease Referrals, Suspensions, and Expulsions
  • Increase Motivation and Participation
  • Increase Positive Self-Esteem/Healthy Groups
  • Increase Cognitive and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Increase Social  & Emotional Literacy Skills
  • Increase Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Increase Self-Analysis, Awareness  & Reflection

These programs help our youth to share their testimonies and help others: Great example our own Jocelyn Ayala

Other Programs

  • Resilience – working with youth (with SAY San Diego)
  • UPAC (Union of Pan Asian Communities)
  • Elevate Youth (Collaboration with SAY San Diego)
  • Carlsbad Juvenile Justice Program
  • San Diego County Office of Education